Portland's              Eco Friendly yard & Garden Maintenance

lawn maintenance service:

We are proud to offer a greener solution for organic lawn maintenance.  Our propane lawn mower burns more efficiently and with less exhaust than gasoline alternatives. Our environmentally responsible (and neighborhood friendly) battery powered blowers and edgers are quiet, gasoline free and exhaust free.  We never use chemicals or pesticides;  we recommend natural alternatives for lawn fertilization and pull weeds by hand.  Contact us for a free estimate.

Garden Maintenance Service:

Our experienced and mindful landscapers can help you with your garden preparation and planning with soil amendment, weed eradication and plant recommendations.  Let us do your dirty work!  Once established, we can help sustain your urban gardens and habitats rich in edible, native or medicinal species.  Contact us to get started.


Commercial landscape maintenance:

Community gardens and outdoor places add value to the workplace, which can encourage employee participation, involvement and retention.  A well maintained landscape is invaluable, and our expert team is equipped with quiet, workplace friendly equipment.  Contact us for a free estimate.

Services Designed for Eco Friendly Portland :

  • Organic lawn maintenance services: fertilizing, de-thatching, reseeding, moss removal, aeration
  • One time seasonal yard cleanups: spring clean, fall leaf pick up, winterization of yard, clean up prior to selling
  • Refreshing of stone or mulch
  • Natural and seasonally appropriate pruning


Our Service Area:

  • Inner NE and SE Portland